Brian Daring

Brian started his foray into music with the alto horn and sousaphone in the sixth grade. When offered the chance to try and learn string bass he readily accepted. Liking the string bass, but finding it difficult to haul around and wanting to play rock ‘n roll music, his first electric bass appeared in 1967.

After his first public performance with the school folk group in seventh grade, playing the bass guitar became a lifelong hobby.

Playing in the Newark, Delaware high School Jazz Band took him to many jazz band competitions and several top awards.

There was always a garage band in the works to satisfy the need to play and perform.

Brian has played a variety of music over the years, jazz, blues and of course rock n’ roll with several bands, but the biggest thrill is when the people he is playing for are dancing and singing to the music. “That’s what it’s all about” says Brian, “playing for the crowd!”

Fred started playing professionally at age 16 playing the usual venues of clubs, fire hall dances, high school dances, etc. He began recording at age 17 with “The Fabulous Pharaohs”, “Mouzakis” and “Capone”.

In his early band days Fred also played sax. His bands appeared as warm up concert acts for the likes of “Poco”, “Seatrain”, “Redbone”, “Chicago”, “Dr.Hook”, etc. He made numerous TV appearances, toured from Hollywood to Maine, and finished his early band years with “Capone” inventorying two albums, a dozen “45’s” and 13 years of performances.

15 years later Fred picked his sax back up again and played two concerts with “Yakety Sax” man Boots Randolph. In 2002 Fred attended a rock N’ roll fantasy camp in L.A. and performed with Mickey Dolenz of the “The Monkees”, MARK FARNER Formerly Of Grand Funk Railroad, Spencer Davis of the “Spencer Davis Group”, Liberty Devito and Mark Rivera (drummer and saxophonist for “Billy Joel”) as well as many others. He met Ringo for two nano seconds in 2003 before one of his shows.

At age 52 Fred started “The Banned” in 2002 with guitarist Keith Ayars. “The Banned” is now known as Club Phred with Fred playing mainly Hammond B3. Club Phred has evolved into a group of accomplished musicians delighted with 60’s and 70’s Classic Rock.

Fred still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but in the meantime he is a successful Financial Advisor, ChFC,CLU residing in Yorklyn, Delaware with his wife Louise.

Kathy started singing professionally in bands in 1969. Most of her work was in Newark, Delaware based “Skyband”. They had steady gigs in the Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. She went on to work in “Made In The U.S.A.”, and “4- Play”.

An accomplished singer/song-writer, Kathy’s song “You Make Me Burn” was recorded on Wilmington, Delaware radio station WSTW’s Album Project One.

Kathy’s vocal ability to go from smooth sounding ballads to classic rock chops makes her the voice behind the classic rock band Club Phred.

Kathy is a Veterans Service Representative with the VA regional office and a mother of four.

Like many baby boomers, Mark—whose previous musical experience had been trumpet in the school band—was awakened to rock music by the appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Within weeks he was learning guitar and song lyrics.

Mark gained his first notoriety with The Mayfield Duck.  The Duck, a four-piece band, performed in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland in the late Sixties.  The Duck performed mostly forgettable originals, written by Mark, in addition to the usual party music of the time, and lots of Doors, Cream and other pscyhedelia.   Mark fronted the Duck and played some rhythm guitar.

When the Duck broke up, Mark joined a band that came to be known as The NFS Boys.  NFS was together for 15 years, playing at schools, colleges and clubs in the Philadelphia-Washington-New York corridor.  Mark played rhythm guitar, shared lead vocals, contributed to the band’s CSNY/Eagles-influenced harmony vocals, and composed more mostly forgettable originals.  Then as now lucky in his associations, NFS, in addition to other excellent musicians, included guitarist and nationally renowned luthier Dana Sutcliffe, the creator of Alvarez’ “Dana Scoop”.

When NFS disbanded, Mark noticed that he had somehow obtained college and law degrees.  For some years Mark’s musical activity was limited to duets in the car with Linda Ronstadt, Patty Loveless and the Dixie Chicks, and occasional gin fueled karaoke.

In the summer of 2002, Fred Dawson, whom Mark had known and admired as a musician for many years, asked Mark to participate in Club Phred.  Mark sings occasional lead vocals, many background and harmony vocals, and plays rhythm guitar.  Known in the band as The Human Jukebox, Mark prompts the other vocalists on lyrics—though he cannot recall such things as anniversaries and children’s birthdays, he can be tough to stump on any lyric from the classic rock era.

Penns Grove New Jersey native Gaetano Vinciguerra has been playing the saxophone since his junior year in high School. Influenced by a love of Jazz and those saxophonists, he has developed jazz-rock fusion into his own unique sound. His ability to play all genre of music and his great “ear” make him a wonderful accompanist to vocals as well.

The early years were spent traveling the U.S. and South America with “Johnny & the Holidays”, a successful 60’s band. Recordings and television appearances followed. Vince decided for a few years to lay his horn down but found no outlet for his considerable talent. In 1992 he began to “play around” with several groups at the Jersey Shore and launched a brand new career, including gigs in several Atlantic City Casinos.

For the past seven years Vince has found a permanent home with the very popular “Purple Reign” band based in Philadelphia. Gigs at the Wachovia Center, the Moshulu, etc., have created quite a following for this seasoned player.

Recently another local musician, Keith Ayars, introduced Vince to a classic rock group who needed a horn. Club Phred’s voice is just beginning to be heard in Wilmington, Delaware area clubs.

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Jim started playing the drums around the age of 13. His early influences were The Beatles, The Stones, Grand Funk, The Monkees, The Who, Led Zep, Deep Purple and ELP. Mostly self-taught, However back in the 80’s Jim was fortunate to have taken a few lessons from Big band drummer Tim Laushley who turned him on to Ted Reed’s Syncopation & rudiments. Jim has played in numerous bands in the tri state area; he enjoys lots of different styles of music but leans towards the classics that Club Phred “rocks out” at every show while giving back to the community in a HUGE way. Jim lives in Delaware with his wife Kim.

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